The Way To Anyone’s Heart

Thought Catalog

It may sound too clinical, a bit robotic perhaps, but there is a way to anyone’s heart and it’s a rather easy route.

Now PBS has taught me a lot of things, but, recently, it’s been particularly useful. In its documentary on the British Royal Family, it claimed that the new royal members (either through marriage or babies) are taught – and have been long taught – that the way to garner goodwill and to win the approval of the public is simple: Be interested.

Not interesting. Your cool travel stories, sense of humor, and promising future are appreciated, but let’s be honest: nobody really cares. It sounds harsh but get down to the bottom of things, and you’ll find – for better or for worse – that, at least before relationships are created, what people care about is themselves.

Now before you go thinking that I’m some horribly…

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