I’m only a teenager trying to be normal as far as I can be? Haha (I’m not saying I have ESP or something creepy blabla. Nothing special, the usual stuffs ordinary teens do. With dreams and hang-ups, of course. Shy-type kind of girl though my friends say I’m not. Whaaaat, I just felt like it! LOL home bud, party-`animal, loves reading & reading & reading (except academic books 😛 sleeping pill pd pa. HAHA also a fan of making a fool out of myself, just saying.—daydreaming is one of my hobbies. Happy-go-lucky type, I think? But of course, I have limitations. I hate socializing, though I pretty much LOVE parties, no doubt about that. Weird right?
 i ♥ to laugh and could find something funny out of anything- ANYTHING means whatev that is worth my hearty tralalaHAHAHAHA 🙂 i lurv reading (my FUNtastic escape away from all this shitty reality) & sleeping (im not lazy, i just got nothing else to do plus the fact that im on EnergySavingMode) & partying (dunwanna StudyAcctg, I JUST WANT TO PARTYY! U.U) & traveling && try anything new given the chance & daydreaming & bitching around w/ friends && blablablabla o.O Haha Stick around, & loved to tell u more. Laters, Baby! :*


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